Aus dem Klavierbüchlein für Anna Magdalena Bach


The following pieces from the Klavierbüchlein für Anna Magdalena Bach, 1725 were adapted and fingered for a 142 voice bandoneon by Beat Muggli. He selected pieces with basically two voices in order to enable also less skilled bandoneonists to perform the wonderful music.

The scores are hand written and thus quite large in file size. You have the choice of selecting the whole booklet (4MB) or the individual pages (about 150 kB each). You will need the (free) Acrobat Reader or other pdf tools to view and print the files.

Download the whole booklet

The individual pages:

Choral page 1  
Aria page 1  
Menuet page 1  
Menuet page 1  
Menuet page 1  
Menuet fait pout Mons. Böhm page 1  
Menuet page 1  
Marche page 1  
Polonaise page 1  
Musette page 1 page 2
Menuet page 1 page 2