Taizé Chants for Bandoneon


From a technical point of view, it is an issue to play a four-voice choral on the bandoneon. It took me a long time to simplify the sacred songs in order to exercise and accompany them within a reasonable amount of time. However, if you pretend to enjoy these anthems musically and culture the four-voice song, it turns mandatory to play the chorales as four voice pieces, in spite of having only 4 fingers available for the bandoneon.

The chants from the very international oecumenical abbey of Taizé in France are very suitable to introduce future singers into the four voice pieces. Because of their simplicity and beauty, I believe it is also an adequate field for the learning bandoneonist. The 15 chants, except Agios o Theos belong to Taizé. Since in my opinion the chants reveal Greek influence from the orthodox church, this piece from Greece fits very well into my collection.

, January 2011

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