Dimensión Contemporánea de la Guitarra

{Dimensión Contemporánea de la Guitarra

Musicassette 84.536 Sondor S.A. (Uruguay) 1988
Compositions by René Marino Rivero
There is also the list of compositions for guitar
Gabriela Díaz (guitar)
Apunte No. 8 El Clásico (1978)
  I Allegro Clásico
  II Largo
  III Danza
Apunte No. 1 El Ultimo Sol de Tambores (1965)
  I Lento
  II Allegro
Apunte No. 5 (1976)
  I Lúgubre
  II Danza
Apunte No. 3 Recitativo (1976)
Apunte No. 12 A Villalobos (1978)
  I Recitativo
  II Danza
Apunte No. 2 (1976)
Apunte No. 7 Tango (1982)
Apunte No. 4 FA-DO-REb-GO (1976)
  I Líbero
  II Danza Loca
Apunte No. 11 Aires de Tacuarembó (1979)

I called Apuntes a series of compositions for guitar or different duets e.g. two guitars, mandolin and lute-theorbo. Two of them were written in Madrid for horn and piano.

Gabriela Díaz recorded nine of these pieces, originals for guitar, giving them a great performance.

It is surprising that a young artist has such a deep devotion for contemporary music.

Her musicianship goes over the simple virtuosism because her talent drove her to the vital contents of each work, recreating with her ìnstrument these Apuntes that I wrote spontaneously for some of my friends.

Each work find in Gabriela Díaz a great performer that renew my spirit when she plays the guitar.

René Marino Rivero
Montevideo, April, 1988