Oscar del Priore

Oscar del Priore was born in Buenos Aires on February 11, 1944. He won the ODOL PREGUNTA PRIZE - the most important Quiz Show on television at the time - from 1960 to 1963.

Radio and television announcer on different broadcasting and TV channels at the time. Graduated at the ISER (college for TV and broadcasting stations). From 1973 an A Través del Tango (Trough the Tango) until the present on Radio Municipal (the official broadcasting station of Buenos Aires).

Announcer and entertainer at festivals and radio broadcasting. For 18 years he worked on shows at El Viejo Almacén (one of the most renown Tango Shows ever presented in Buenos Aires).

Record producer for several companies. Writer of music reviews ans announcer of Orchestra del Tango of Buenos Aires, from the beginning to the present.

Head of the Music Department at the Radio Broadcasting Station FM Tango from its creation on and partner at the Solo Tango Channel from its creation on.

Collector of different recordings, publications and tango films. Main character of the spanish movie En un Viejo Almacén del Paseo Colón (Im am old grocery store on Paseo Colón).

Member no. One of the Academia Nacional del Tango. Member no. One of the Academia Porteña del Lunfardo (Academy of popular language of Buenos Aires).

Author of several books and other editions. He wrote for magazines and literary collections. At present he works for El Tangauta and Tango XXI. He has delivered innumerable lectures in Argentina and abroad. Of his written work, the book El Tango de Villoldo a Piazzolla is the most outstanding.