Transcriptions and Arrangements for Bandoneon

An important contribution was the adaption of works for the bandoneon a some of them were made available by Albums.

Los Clasicos al Bandoneón

Besides performing own compositions, he wrote many transcriptions of baroque works and contemporary new music which complete his concert repertory. Additionally some were published.

The following book contains transcriptions for bandoneon of works of great classical composers.

Libro I:
Obras transcriptas o adaptadas y digitadas
por Alejandro Barletta
B.A. 11277, Ricordi Americana, Buenos Aires, 1955

1 Frescobaldi G. corrente prima
2   corrente quarta
3 Bach J. S. pequeño preludio
4   Minué
5   Minué
6 Händel G. F. Sarabanda
7 Mozart W. A. Minué
8a Beethoven L. v. Sonatina
8b   Romanza
9 Schumann R. Coral
10   pequeña canción
11   pequeña pieza
12   caballero salvaje

From his Concert Repertory


From Karl Oriwohl's Repertory

Karl Oriwohl     - bandoneón rom Berlin plays a chromatic Kusserow bandoneon.