Concert Activity

In Paris he gave his first concert conducted by André Cluytens with the Concert Society of the Conservatory at the Theatre des Champs Elysées. After that, many orchestras where requesting his presence like the radio Symphonic Orchestra of Berlin, an opportunity to present his works JUPITER 1, 2 and 3 for bandoneon and orchestra which was composed by order of the Teatro Colón, Buenos Aires. The famous Thomaskirche, where J. S. Bach acted during 27 years as organist, invited Barletta to give a bandoneon concert. Wolfgang Steffen, a well known composer of Berlin writes about Barletta's 24 Tangos de Camera: they are a work of a musical genius.

Some famous German contemporaneous musicians have compared these works with Paganini's Capricchios for violin and the 24 preludes for piano forte of Chopin. According to Napoleón Cabrera, the prestigious music reviewer of Buenos Aires' Clarin, considers him to be one of the most original composers. The Italian maestro Massimo Pradella said:

Barletta has had the glory to discover a new instrument for the chamber and contemporary music.

During his concerts, Barletta surprised his audience playing compositions of the baroque period, for which the bandoneon was discovered to be a particularly suitable instrument; original pieces for bandoneon by American composers, and of course, his own compositions.

Until his death, he traveled between Argentina, USA, Germany, Italy, and Spain where he gave not only concerts but conferences at different universities about the New School of Bandoneon, an urge which continues during his concerts, where he dialogs with the audience about the instrument and its possibilities.

As said Robert Sherman, reviewer at the New York Times: the best gift for who has heard already all of him, is obtaining a place for a concert of Alejandro Barletta.