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The Tango Archive is a collection of information about new and historical tangos and its musicians. It was created many years ago to find out the authors, composers, performers of música típica. The compilation consists of two separate ascii files organized as one line per record. Meanwhile there are other sites with more comprehensive contents.

Additionally there is a page Contacting Tango and Bandoneon Musicians where you can search in its index to find musicians.

Since the actual sizes of the files are not handy to be downloaded entirely, you may search for string patterns within the files. If something is found, it will be displayed.
The database can't be complete. It's created during my free time. Now you may contribute extending the information by posting data.

Search in the Databases

The Tangos List

Every line contains in that very order:

Sometimes in the place for author you will find l:<name> which means lyricist, m:<name> is composer, bailarin(a) means dancer. Hope the other indications will be understood. Otherwise please mail me.

Media may be CD, vinyl records or 1/4 inch tape (Tx #/p#/####). Media numbers EB-CD ## indicate the series of historical recordings "El Bandoneon" issued in Spain. If you search for such a string, you will get a listing of the titles on that media.

The Tangos Compilation (> 388 kByte, please enable 132 char/line printing)
A compressed version (57 kByte) can be downloaded.

The Artists list

The artist's database is organized in a similar manner but:

Most musicians appear many times on the list, this is because of several recordings or biographic items (orchestras, places etc.).

The Artists Compilation (172 kByte - please enable 132 char/line printing)
A compressed version (33 kByte) can be downloaded.

Please, do not use accents and suppress the surname if possible to increase the hit rate within the selected data set. Only matching string patterns are found. Use the known fragment of the string if you are not sure about the spelling. E.g. use D'Arienzo or even Arienzo and not Juan Darienzo which will not be found. Por favor suprima los acentos y evite los nombres utilizando únicamente los apellidos aumentando así la probabilidad de acierto en la búsqueda dentro del archivo seleccionado. El sistema no permite combinar términos.

Note: The artists are ordered surname, first name