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Akkordeonwerkstatt Untersee      Switzerland
Marco und Dani Untersee
Bandoneons, Concertinas, and Örgelies
Kirchgasse 52
CH 9400 Rohrschach
+41 71 845 31 41

Klaus Gutjahr Bandoneons
Prinzenalle 87
D-13357 Berlin
phone +49 (0) 30 494 04 44,

Pictures of Gutjahr Bandoneons

Bandonion & Concertinafabrik Klingenthal GmbH logo_aa.png

"The New Alfred Arnold"
Anja Rockstroh
Krummer Weg 1a
D-08248 Klingenthal
Tel. +49 37467/21433
Fax.+49 37467/66423
Mobil:+49 1727919653

Pictures of the New AA

Uwe Hartenhauer Handzuginstrumente
Schillerstraße 1
D-08248 Klingenthal
Tel./Fax +49 37467/ 21595, 20506
unisonor (C-Griff) and bisonoric instruments
A sound example of Hartenhauer's bisonor instrument:
Buenas Noches Che Bandoneón
Handzuginstrumente Carlsfeld
Robert Wallschläger
Carlsfelder Haupstraße 52
08309 Eibenstock OT Carlsfeld
Tel./Fax.: 037752/55588

Pictures of a Wallschläger Bandoneon

Harry Geuns Bandonions The Bandoneon-Maker

also restaurations, repair, tuning
a Harry Geuns Bandonion
New 142 voice double reed instruments with zinc reed boards
Rondstraat 11
B-3640 Molenbeersell-Kinrooi
phone +32(0)89704151
Pictures of Geuns Bandoneons

Baldoni Bandoneon - Stagi
Baldoni Bandoneons
N87 W16432 Appleton Ave.
Menomonee Falls, WI 53051
phone 414 250-9990, fax 414 250-9988

Note: The Stagi Bandoeons are not constructed as usual:
They use accordion voices, wax mounted on individual chambers.
Bass amd treble side are the same construction.

Danielson Industria de Acordeões e Bandoneões (aluminum reed plates)
Rua Guaporé, 1460
CEP.: 98900-000
Santa Rosa RS
055 - 962-1411 (president Sr. Loureiro)
see also a Danielson Bandoneon
Note: Unfortunately the Danielson factory was closed
and the above information is no longer valid.
However, for trace back reason the address
is left in this place.
Mr. Monteiro, a former member of the factory, continues the service
for Danielson and other brands.
Pictures of a Danielson

Bandoneón Olivos     
Naraval, 71, 33874 Naraval,
Asturias, Spain
Phones: (+34) 652 91 12 90 / (+34) 619 54 82 40 (Nicolás)

Bandoneón Olivos (custom made)
rheinische Lage, 142 voice, Czech reed boards