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The information in this page might be unprecise and inaccurate due to missing feedback from Japan or travelers. Many dead links had to be removed and the remaining are basically only in japanese. I am very sorry about.


Tango in Japan is very pupular since the 30ies and most dance opportunities are at private parties and which are the backbone of Japan's tango society. Nevertheless, having a contact person and common interests (language, dance, spanish) you will find a good introduction.

Additionally there are some public locations.

e-mail tells that Japanese tango party ends around 9pm.
The enterance fee is usually 1000-2000 Yen (it would be higher if they have live tango band or special performance.) Now 1 US dollar is about 120 Yen. (1999)

The Embajada Argentina en Japón offers additional information about Tango in Japan.

Tango Places

Fujisawa (Shonan area)







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