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Tango Sheet Music

It is not easy to find scores for tango music outside of Argentina and even there it is hard to find something explicitly for solo instruments. Most composers published their creations for piano and sometimes they include short notations for violin or bandoneon. So you have to start from this basic material and make your own arrangements. Below you will find a compilation of some commercial available scores where the publisher is indicated, so you may try to get them having this specific information from your local dealer or directly from the publishers. For addresses see the list of tango publishers. Other music (non-tango) publishers are listed in the MPA Publishers Addresses list.

Commercial Tango Scores

Publishers & Copyrights

The list publishers of tango music is certainly not complete or contains outdated items. Historical addresses are still included for trace-back reason. Publishers until 1920 at the Rio de la Plata are found on a separate list. Please inform me about errors or publishers not mentioned.

More information is available through

AADI, Asociación Argentina de Intérpretes
Viamonte 1665
1055 Buenos Aires tel. +54 (11) 4811-3421 / 4812-1009
fax. +54 (11) 4812-3286
Sadaic Latin Copyrights, Inc(USA)

Concerning international copyright you may also check following sites:

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Some editors outside of Argentina like Universelles, Tonos are going to publish complete tango arrangements for orchestras. Nevertheless it is still not sufficient to build up a well balanced repertory. You may use the service of arrangement writers.

Scores Collection

The sheet music of my collection may be of your interest.

Other Sources

Scores for Bandoneon

Printed scored for bandoneon are quite seldom because of no commercial interest by the involved editors. The other reason is, that the bandoneon always was considered to be not a serious instrument so composers preferred to publish their creations as piano scores. For this reason bandoneonists are forced to make their own arrangements starting from the available piano notes. The few ever published in Argentina or elsewhere where thought mainly for students and are nowadays hard to find as originals.

Existent Bandoneon Solos

Here you can find the list of bandoneon solos registered at SADAIC (Sociedad Argentina de Autores y Compositores de Música).
Most solos for bandoneon are arranged individually, that is, they are not published. As a consequence photocopies of such arrangements are circulating among the musicians.

Tutors and Workbooks

There is not too much material available, though during the last years things have improved. For historical and available tutors, please visit the Bandoneon Page

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