Dimensión Contemporánea de la Guitarra


Musicassette 84.536 Sondor S.A. (Uruguay) 1988
Compositions by René Marino Rivero

Gabriela Díaz (guitar)

There is also the list of compositions for guitar

Apunte No. 8 El Clásico (1978)
  I Allegro Clásico
  II Largo
  III Danza
Apunte No. 1 El Ultimo Sol de Tambores (1965)
  I Lento
  II Allegro
Apunte No. 5 (1976)
  I Lúgubre
  II Danza
Apunte No. 3 Recitativo (1976)
Apunte No. 12 A Villalobos (1978)
  I Recitativo
  II Danza
Apunte No. 2 (1976)
Apunte No. 7 Tango (1982)
Apunte No. 4 FA-DO-REb-GO (1976)
  I Líbero
  II Danza Loca
Apunte No. 11 Aires de Tacuarembó (1979)

I called ``Apuntes'' a series of compositions for guitar or different duets e.g. two guitars, mandolin and lute-theorbo. Two of them were written in Madrid for horn and piano.
Gabriela Díaz recorded nine of these pieces, originals for guitar, giving them a great performance.
It is surprising that a young artist has such a deep devotion for contemporary music.
Her musicianship goes over the simple virtuosism because her talent drove her to the vital contents of each work, recreating with her instrument these ``Apuntes'' that I wrote spontaneously for some of my friends.
Each work find in Gabriela Díaz a great performer that renew my spirit when she plays the guitar.
René Marino Rivero
Montevideo, April, 1988

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