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As many other very important tango artists, included the great Carlos Gardel, Giovanna was born in Uruguay.

In 1996, during the well-known World Summit of Tango, Giovanna began singing on stage. These performances were a very big success for the new artist.

Inmediatly, she began to work as a professional in the Tango-scene and beginning in July 1997 Giovanna performed at "La Casa de Becho", the most important tango club in Montevideo, singingfor an international audience every Friday and Saturday.

In the same year Giovanna achieved a highly acclaimed performance during an event sponsored by The Academy of The Tango.

Because of Giovanna's rising prestige in the world of tango she was included in the Tenth International Festival "Viva el Tango", in November 1997, and again in the 11th Festival, in November 1998, sharing the stage with the famous Leopoldo Federico Tango Orchestra.

Giovanna was considered 1997's greatest New Talent in all of tango by El Pais newspaper of Montevideo, which granted her the Iris Award due to her brilliant performances at the Tenth International Festival of Tango.

In 1998 Giovanna did her first European tour, singing in Lisbon during the World-Expo, including an acclaimed performance at the Sony Auditorium, in front of 15.000. She also performed five concerts in Vienna, Austria.

She appeared in the United States, performing in Miami, New York and Chicago. One of the most important highlights in Giovanna's career is her U.S.A performance at the Biltmore Hotel in Miami, where the President of Uruguay, Julio Maria Sanguinetti, was among the audience.

At this moment, Giovanna is taking steps toward recording her first CD in the United States.

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