130 voice, single reed


Wolf & Co. is known to exist for at least since 1911. The mother factory was located in Klingenthal (Saxony) and a second one was in Markhausen (Bohemia).

The shown instrument is a 130 voice single reed instrument in original rheinische Lage with zinc reed plates mounted on box shape reed chambers for the bass, and flat board chambers for the treble. The size is smaller than regular dual voice instruments: 20 cm height and 21 cm deep. The closed instrument is about 27 cm wide without the handle and buttons and 37 cm over all. In extended state it measures about 67 cm. The reduced dimension of the instrument is possible since only one reed acts per note.

The pencil written serial number (156) is found inside each instrument cover. A round swiss customs stamp says ZOLL I-28 and indicates presumably the time the instrument was imported.

The buttons are made of wood and are partially capsuled with metal caps (original) like those used until World War I. Some of the buttons are simply painted with aluminum paint and have metal plates glued to the tips. Other buttons are not original and remade of aluminum with the advantage to having no friction with the wooden cover. The average button distance is 22 mm and indicates that it is not a children's study instrument.

The bellow has 10 folds each 26 mm deep and which are devided by one bellow frame (10/1). The bass dumper case is straight (no wave shape).

The instrument sounds very similar to an english concertina due to the single reed construction and the large volume of the reed chambers. It is far less agressive but sweet and a bit dull.

A sound example Wolf