Alfred Arnold Chromatic Bandoneon

The c in the AA Brand indicates a chromatic (unisonor) bandoneon.

The bandoneon for accordionists was created by Charles Peguri to satisfy the needs of French musicians of the 1920 ties performing the popular tango. As already mentioned, Alfred Arnold simply replaced the sound boards of the regular bisonor bandoneon. they way they could not be recognized as a different model.

Alfred Arnold was the only manufacturer of this type of bandoneon.

The shown instrument appears to be in a very good conservation state. It is not common to see engraved button key codes on a unisonor bandoneon, since they were created for the bisonor bandoneon. Probably this happened while the instrument was refurbished. The finish looks handmade.

but take care: you can't convert both models simly, because the reedboard need the corresponding chambers.