Premier 152 voice


item description
label PREMIER MARCA REGISTRADA Alfred Arnold - Carlsfeld
label in golden letters on the belly frame as seen on the picture, additional relief stamp with the same text on the right handle (players side) and AA circle relief stamp on the same handle (front)
serial number inside left hand cover and belly frame (violet stamp) B35253 the same on the reed plate #1 of the left side with pencil inside right hand cover and belly frame (violet stamp) D35253
size 244 x 232 mm (depth by height), 340 mm width with closed belly
weight approx. 5,5 kg
cabinet plywood, black, relief number 10099 below the fretwork (series number of the housing manufacturer?) damper case waved (seams to be important to determine the age)
buttons left 36, right 40; makes 152 tones and is an extension of the 142 tone system 'rheinische Lage' used at the La Plata (bisonoric)
reed boards zinc, each 2 x 12 reeds; system: 2 chorus, 4 buttons of the right hand: 1 chorus (total 296 reeds)
remarks the 5 additional buttons are original, most levers easily removable, belly (3 x 5 folds) replaced on march 1995