142 voice

"doble A", Alfred Arnold, 142-voice, 1915 (according to design and to serial number '1665'), in excellent condition, owned for 60 years by Juan Luciero who played in tango bands in Salto, Uruguay. There is no AA label. Finished in black veneer with three-diamond inlay, very similar to Rene Marino Rivero's instrument. Inside is a stamp of Bianco Ltd. Sr. "Toto" Bianco was a bandoneon tuner from Montevideo.

General view of the instrument Color JPEG, (34063 bytes), 589x394
Inside of the box and the reed blocks Color JPEG, (35405 bytes), 392x590
Side view Color JPEG, (29669 bytes), 520x391
Inside mechanics Color JPEG, (30911 bytes), 589x394