Bags and Cases

One of the few needed accessories is a gig bag for your instrument. Such bags are much more lighter than the original cases and are sufficient for most opportunities. They can be used as an ordinary bag or as a knapsack as the Finish model.

Aaltonen Ulla ky
Rekikoskentie 784
32700 Huittinen
phone/fax +358-2-56 52 04
(colours: dark blue, green, black, red and Bordeaux)

Fritz Glass
Koffer- und Etuibau
Zollstrasse 54
D-08248 Klingenthal
Tel/Fax ++49 (0)37467 22636

SLM Schlosser Klingenthal
leather straps, bags and cases

Pierre Rousseau metal case
145, rue de Belleville
75019 Paris, (Métro Jourdain)
tel/fax : 01 42 45 68 74,

fundas para bandoneones (gig bags)
Avenida Congreso 3394
Capital Federal / Argentina
4542-5538 /4546-2387
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subte B estación Uruguay