The lack of information about the bandoneon leads to articles in magazines and other publications based on the same sources. By far the best source is Maria Dunkel's standard work in German:

Bandoneon und Konzertina, Maria Dunkel (in German)
Berliner Musikwissenschaftliche Arbeiten,
Musikverlag Emil Katzbichler, München / Salzburg, 1987 (now newer edition)
ISBN 3-87397-070-8

El Bandoneón en el Tango, Oscar D. Zucchi (in Spanish)
La Historia del Tango, tomo V, El Bandoneón,
Ediciones Corregidor, Buenos Aires, 1977
You may try to get it at on-line book store.

Bandoneon in Uruguay, Maria Dunkel (in German)
private edition, Lenzburg / Berlin, 1994

Bandoneon Pure - Dances of Uruguay SF 40431
80 page CD-booklet with a translated extract of
Maria Dunkel Bandoneon in Uruguay
Smithsonian Folkways - Traditional Music of the World 5
Smithsonian / Folkways Recordings
Office of Folklife Programs
955 L'Enfant Plaza, Suite 2600
Smithsonian Institution
Washington, DC 20560

Akkordeon, Bandonion, Concertina im Kontext der Harmonikainstrumente
Maria Dunkel (German)
e-mail, 1999,
Ralf Kaupenjohann, Bleckstrasse 1a, D-44809 Bochum
ISBN 3-924272-05-0

Der Musikwinkel und die Harmonika
Kurt Kauert (German)
Druck-und Verlagsgesellschaft Marienberg mbH
ISBN 3-931770-28-1

Meantone is beautiful! - Studies on Tuning of Musical Instruments. Reinhard Frosch,
Bern, Berlin, Bruxelles, Frankfurt/M., New York, Oxford, Wien, 2002. 254 pp., num. fig. and tables;
154 exercises with solutions.
ISBN 3-906769-92-5 / US-ISBN 0-8204-5927-5 pb.
Peter Lang AG
European Academic Publishers
Moosstrasse 1, P.O. Box 350
CH-2542 Pieterlen / Switzerland

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